The power of a smile

Believe it or not, your mouth and jaws have a great influence in your life. Many opportunities are lost because of an unattractive smile, crooked teeth or a bad bite. An employer will subconsciously hire a person who has a great smile over another applicant who has crooked or overlapping teeth. A negative attitude from TMJ (temporomandibular jaw-joint) dysfunction can be a life-long burden. Millions suffer in silence because they don’t understand that their symptoms are caused by malaligned teeth or an abnormal bite. Proper and timely orthodontic treatment can improve your quality of life, providing more confidence at work and enhancing, your self esteem.

Based in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Dr. Gene Jensen is a world leader in orthodontic care. His philosophy is to deliver the highest quality orthodontic treatment to his patients in the most efficient and caring manner. He believes in correcting most orthodontic problems without removing permanent teeth, other than wisdom teeth. Dr. Jensen’s ultimate goal is to achieve optimum function of the teeth, jaw, jaw-joints, and surrounding muscles. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment can improve facial appearance, chewing ability and relieve pain- a profound and life changing experience.

“I am deeply satisfied with the result of my treatment,” says client David McMullin.Before seeing Dr. Jensen I suffered from complaints I had not realized were the result of a poor bite, including frequent headaches, poor digestion, and acid reflux. My experience under treatment was far shorter than I expected and universally pleasant. The end result is not only aesthetically pleasing, but I am largely free of the complaints that were so debilitating. Although I had not realized it, before treatment eating had an uncomfortable experience and I rushed my meals. Now for the first time in decades I can enjoy my food.” Indeed, the core dental issue may be masked by other symptoms, one reason why it is so important to find the right specialist. Malocclusion (bad bite) can cause many bizarre symptoms, including headaches, earaches, ringing in the ears, neck and shoulder pain, loss of hearing, loss of balance, numbness down the arm and hand, visual problems, sinus like pain, painful or noisy joints, arthritic joints, locking jaws, backaches. Other symptoms are difficulty cleaning teeth, increased cavities, gum disease, worn teeth, fractured tooth enamel, fillings and crowns, cheek and tongue biting, speech difficulties, compulsive mouth breathing, open mouth posture, nasal airway problems, snoring, poor mastication (chewing) of food, and gastrointestinal difficulties such as gastritis, enteritis, heartburn, indigestions, regurgitation, halitosis (bad breath), ulcerations and irritable bowel syndrome.

Many patients have been misdiagnosed, mistreated, or over-medicated for years because the professionals who evaluated the patient did not recognize the devastating effects that malaligned jaws, crooked teeth and bad bites can have on a patient’s quality of life and overall health and longevity. With proper care and prevention, people will experience better health, improved appearance and less pain. Both Dr. Jensen and the World Health Organization believe that the best time to see a patient for an orthodontic evaluation is seven years of age, if preventative measures are to be implemented to reduce the need for braces or decrease the time that a patient needs to wear them.


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