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The Jensen Difference: Our Philosophy

At Jensen Orthodontics, we value the power of the individual. Because we see you as unique, we adapt our care to your needs, rather than make you adapt to us. We want you to feel like a member of the family. Here are some highlights of our basic philosophy:

Kids Treatment

We strive to treat children during their growth stages so we can prevent worse problems later, which is why we try to see them in their 7th year

Never Too Late for Orthodontic Treatment

We believe it's never too late for orthodontic work, and treat patients of all age groups from ages 7 to 70

Safe & Comfortable

We love to provide a family-friendly atmosphere

Lifetime Health

We focus on helping you keep your teeth and jaws healthy for a lifetime of happiness, comfort and a pain-free mouth

Great Offers

We create convenience through free consultations, ample parking, referral incentives, and family discounts

Certificates Reward

We reward patients after treatment with "before and after" graduation picture certificates

Experience and Personal Attention Matter

With a focus on family-friendly care and personal attention, Dr. Jensen has over 40 years of experience as an orthodontist. Bedford, Dartmouth, and Halifax area patients can rest assured that we have the training, ability and experience to create stable, functional and cosmetically pleasing results in a caring, gentle and comfortable manner.

Dr. Jensen offers recent innovations like Essix (clear) aligners/retainers, transparent and coloured braces, as well as the most current treatment for jaw alignment and TMJ therapy. We give you choices that go beyond the basic care.

Products and Therapies Tailored to Your Family’s Needs

Because alignment problems like crowding, cross bite, and spacing problems can happen at any age, there is no “ideal age” for orthodontic treatment! Jensen Orthodontics customizes care to your specific needs, at all stages of life, and we know what appliances and therapies will work best. Here are just a few of our services and products:

  • Essix retainers (comparable to Invisalign, with bite guard benefits to prevent the negative effects of teeth grinding)
  • Clear plastic, ceramic, or miniaturized stainless silver braces with coloured module options (for the younger patients)
  • Removable or fixed appliances
  • Treatment for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders
  • Treatment for dental crowding, overbite, cross bite, spacing issues, and a host of other orthodontic problems

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Meet Dr. Jensen & Staff

The friendly, professional staff at Jensen Orthodontics has provided quality oral care for thousands of patients throughout Nova Scotia.

Dr. Gene Jensen

Dr. Gene Jensen received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Dalhousie Dental School in Halifax, his Master of Science Degree and Orthodontic Diploma from...

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Paulette Jensen

Paulette trained as a dental assistant at Nova Scotia Institute of Technology in Halifax and later graduated from Dalhousie University as a dental hygienist.

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Amy Howe

Amy is the first person you see when you visit our office and the first voice you hear when you call. She greets everyone with a smile and makes them feel welcome.

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Contact Us

Feel free to give us a call during regular business hours at (902) 466-6220 or email us at dr.jensen@ns.sympatico.ca to schedule a consultation.

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  • Before I started my orthodontic treatment, I was the type of girl who never smiled much, because of how my teeth looked, and because I was unhappy with my smile. I was also experiencing severe headaches and pain throughout my face, especially when waking up in the morning, due to the fact that I was grinding and clenching pretty hard at night, with an abnormal bite. After speaking to my dentist about these issues that I was having, he referred me to Dr. Jensen, a reputable and caring orthodontic specialist.
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  • Prior to approaching Dr. Jensen for a consultation, I had years of progressive TMJ problems that were left untreated by other specialists. Dr. Jensen took the time to explain the physiology of my jaw problem and outlined a treatment plan I was comfortable with. My experience with Dr. Jensen and his team has been very positive – they are incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating. I would highly recommend consulting them for treatment. I have no more jaw issues, and my teeth look wonderful!

  • Dear Dr. Jensen, Now that my orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery have been completed, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for recommending and carrying out my treatment. I can honestly say my quality of life is greatly improved as a result of it! Read More

  • Hello Gene and Paulette, Now that the orthodontic treatments have been completed on all of my family members; my wife, Sheila, and sons, David and Justin, I wanted you to know how pleased we all are. Your excellent work and very professional patient care ... Read More

  • Dear Dr. Jensen, I am 36 years old and have had my braces for over a year now…and it is great. I cannot believe how easy it has been! I was worried about it too long…I should have done this years ago. If you are considering braces… don't waste another day. Read More

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