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Bedford orthodontics

Bedford orthodontics

If you are thinking about getting braces for yourself or your child you most likely will have many questions. Some questions regard the types of braces that are available, and other questions likely have to do with the treatment time and cost. All of your questions can be answered at our practice during a consultation about Bedford orthodontics.

At Jensen Orthodontics Inc. our expert orthodontist is Dr. Gene Jensen. He welcomes both kids and adults into is orthodontic practice. Dr. Jensen believes it is never too late to have orthodontic work done. At our practice we know that a great smile created with Bedford orthodontics work will go a long way toward providing the patient with renewed confidence as they move through their life. We think that it is important for everyone to be able to benefit from having a beautiful smile. Today there are many different types of braces available for both kids and adults. Not all braces work in all situations. However during an orthodontic consultation Dr. Jensen will be able to discuss with you the best treatment type to follow in your or your child’s particular situation.

When you come to Jensen Orthodontics Inc. to learn about Bedford orthodontics, you may be surprised to learn about all the possible options that exist. Options for braces include: new self-ligation braces which shorten treatment time and look good at the same time; miniaturized silver braces; clear braces that are barely noticeable; ceramic braces; silver or clear braces that come with 52 fun and different colors of modules; stainless bands; removable acrylic braces; fixed bonded lingual retainers; and more. The options are indeed many. Dr. Jensen offers free consultations to help patients determine which option is the best way to go. At the consultation you will also get an estimate of the time frame you can expect to need treatment for. It usually ranges from 12 to 39 months for the entire treatment period. Dr. Jensen has worked with over 12,000 patients and his earned expertise and great instincts which will help him determine which braces will work best for you. If you would like to meet with Dr. Jensen for an orthodontic consultation, simply contact our office today at Jensen Orthodontics Inc.

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