Cleaning with Orthodontics

One of the common fears that people have about orthodontics is that the braces may cause decay or marks on the teeth, or gum disease. Your full bands, or the brackets bonded to your teeth, cover and protect that portion of your teeth as long as they are firmly attached and as long as the teeth have been cleaned by your dentist or hygienist professionally in the past three months prior to having the braces put on your teeth.

If you fail to get the teeth clean and fail to massage your gums, then the gums will swell and make it even more difficult to clean.

When and how should you clean your teeth during orthodontic treatment?
You should clean your teeth within five minutes after you eat. Easy to say, but sometimes hard to do? When you’re away from home, we suggest you carry a travel-type of folding toothbrush with you.

Learn proper brushing and flossing techniques to keep your teeth clean and healthy while wearing orthodontics.

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