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About Jensen Orthodontics: Your Orthodontist in Halifax and Wider Nova Scotia

At Jensen Orthodontics, we have 40 years of experience serving patients from Nova Scotia, anywhere from Dartmouth to Halifax! Orthodontist quality care matters and that’s why Dr. Gene Jensen provides experienced expertise and personal attention to his patients. We invite you to learn more.

What to Expect from Your Orthodontist in Halifax NS

The best orthodontists use their training to help patients with structural oral problems like TMJ, an improper bite, dental crowding, and dental spacing issues. When you visit a qualified orthodontist, you should expect a consultation and thorough initial exam, followed by a diagnosis and a specific treatment plan. When these processes are integrated smoothly and seamlessly, you’ll be well on your way to having proper oral function and a healthier, more attractive smile.

Dr. Jensen: Voice of Professional Experience and Professional Results

During Dr. Jensen’s training and professional practice, he has successfully treated over 12,000 patients who now enjoy smiling, chewing and speaking without pain or embarrassment.
Dr. Jensen not only cares about the individual, he tailors treatments to each unique problem; in fact, many patients who may have thought they were untreatable have had great results, after receiving treatment at Jensen Orthodontics! Our services are not only competitive, but we take the time to go beyond the average standard of care with superior treatment options and a state-of-the-art facility designed just for you.

Serving Nova Scotia with Multiple Services

If you worry about your poor bite, TMJ problems, or other orthodontic issues, please don’t wait—contact a friendly staff member today at Jensen Orthodontics to set up a free consultation.
Take advantage of our easy-access Dartmouth location as an alternative to Halifax traffic. We are available to help you no matter what your age or situation happens to be, and offer a wide array of products and services. Call us today!

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