Orthodontics in Dartmouth

Types of braces

Orthodontics in Dartmouth

Orthodontics in Dartmouth

When most folks think about braces what often comes to mind is a mouthful of metal and wires. While metal braces are still widely used and the most prevalent form of orthodontic device, orthodontics in Dartmouth has an array of other options available for our patients. The doctor and staff here at Jensen Orthodontics assist our patients in realigning their bite and straightening their teeth by using the state-of-the-art in orthodontic technology. There have been a lot of recent advances in orthodontics and our practice has kept up with all these advances and brought them to our patients.

The range of orthodontics in Dartmouth treatments encompasses several types of braces as well as the newest in orthodontic appliances and accessories. Our staff will guide you through every part of the process. Our practice offers both traditional metal and clear ceramic braces. Clear braces are less noticeable than metal because the brackets are either clear or the color of the teeth, they are usually placed on the upper front teeth. Clear braces are as effective as traditional metal braces but the duration of treatment may take a little longer and there is a possibility that the clear brackets may eventually stain. The most recent innovation in braces is self-ligation braces. These braces are available in metal or clear and are the same size as traditional metal braces but require no elastics to ease the pressure on the teeth. There is a special clip that helps the arch wires guide the teeth into place. There are fewer adjustment appointments needed with these new braces. We can also use miniaturized silver braces or stainless steel bands or rings that fit over the teeth.

Our orthodontics in Dartmouth office incorporates the latest orthodontic appliances into our teeth straightening procedures in order to assist the braces in producing the perfect smile and bite more efficiently. For instance, our practice uses more modern version of traditional headgear and retainers to make them as efficient and comfortable as possible so our younger patients will wear them. There is also an acrylic appliance that keeps the lower jaw forward as well as a facemask appliance for keeping the upper jaw forward. The Hyrax appliance is used to expand or widen the upper jaw when correcting crossbites while the younger patient is still growing. Our doctor will develop a procedure plan that utilizes these various advanced treatment options optimally for your case. So, please make an appointment so we can begin to straighten your smile.

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