Orthodontist near Darthmouth

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Here at Jensen Orthodontics Inc. our orthodontist near Dartmouth loves to give our patients healthier and more beautiful smiles using our various treatment options. Braces are by far some of the most popular options for smile correction here at Jensen Orthodontics, Inc., but many patients do not realize just how varied braces can be. Traditional met and wire braces are still commonly used, but there are many other developments and strategies that can be used to move your teeth into a more ideal and healthy position. For example, the most recent innovation in the world of orthodontics is self-ligation braces. These self-ligation braces both speed up the treatment process and look great the whole way through.

Orthodontist near Darthmouth

Orthodontist near Darthmouth

Many other braces options are more aesthetically pleasing than the options from the past. Other examples of such braces include: clear plastic or ceramic braces, miniaturized stainless braces, fixed bonded lingual retainers, stainless bands or rings that fit over the top of teeth, removable acrylic and wire retainer appliances, silver or clear braces with colored modules, and more. Our orthodontist in Dartmouth will work with you in order to determine the option that is best suited to your wants and needs and that will provide you with the optimal results. Orthodontic services can be used to correct a whole host of common smile imperfections and health issues such as: overcrowded teeth, overlapping teeth, gaps between teeth, misaligned bites, and more. If you are looking for a solution to such issues, we will help you find it here at Jensen Orthodontics, Inc.

If you would like to learn more about the many ways in which our orthodontist near Dartmouth can be of service to you, we highly recommend that you visit the main Jensen Orthodontics Inc. website to browse through some additional, detailed information that you might find useful. If you have any specific questions or concerns that we can clear up for you, please do not hesitate to contact the staff here directly at your soonest convenience. You can reach us by calling us at the office or sending us a message online. We look forward to working with you soon here at Jensen Orthodontics, Inc.

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