Samantha Smith’s Testimonial following her orthodontic treatment in Dr. Jensen’s Office

Before I started my orthodontic treatment, I was the type of girl who never smiled much, because of how my teeth looked, and because I was unhappy with my smile. I was also experiencing severe headaches and pain throughout my face, especially when waking up in the morning, due to the fact that I was grinding and clenching pretty hard at night, with an abnormal bite. After speaking to my dentist about these issues that I was having, he referred me to Dr. Jensen, a reputable and caring orthodontic specialist.

The day that I went in to have my consultation with Dr. Jensen was a life- changing experience. He explained that the issues I was having, were due to my severe overbite, in addition to my clenching/grinding. He also explained, that I could have inherited my upper jaw from one side of my family, and my lower jaw from the other side, and they just were not lining up properly. Dr. Jensen also pointed out, that because of how severe I was grinding, I had actually worn away a good portion of my lower teeth. It is truly amazing that your body is capable of that kind of destruction! He also informed me, that in order to align my jaw, I would require jaw surgery; however, I was prepared for that. When I left his office that day, I had a big decision to make. I knew it was going to be financially difficult, but it would be worth it in the end, to have a more attractive smile, a better bite, and be pain-free.

My treatment was scheduled to take place over a period of 17 months, which, in my opinion, was pretty fast. I must say, it went by quickly; although when I was coming close to the end of my treatment, I was becoming impatient, but I’m sure everyone goes through that.

I had my jaw surgery, roughly half -way through my orthodontic treatment.  I was prepared to have surgery on both jaws, but in the final analysis, I only needed surgery on my lower. It has been 9 months since my surgery, and I don’t regret one moment of it. I had very little pain, and hardly any swelling, plus, I was not wired shut, so I was able to eat and talk normally, immediately following surgery.

Towards the end of my treatment, I had to move to another province, and was worried about what was going to happen with my orthodontic treatment. However, after speaking with Dr. Jensen about my dilemna, I chose to fly back to Halifax for the last few months of my treatment. I want to say “thank you” so much to Dr. Jensen and his friendly, capable and knowledgeable staff, for making this such a great experience, and being there, for me when I needed, my many questions and concerns addressed. Dr. Jensen even gave me a fee reduction, and also allowed me to amortize the payments over 18 months without any HST or interest.

For anyone who is contemplating having orthodontic treatment, do it! It was the best decision that I have made in a long time, since I no longer live with severe and constant headaches or migraines. I can now chew my food comfortably, and my smile is very attractive. And I don’t need any more pain- killing drugs. It wasn’t an easy decision, but Dr. Jensen and his staff were always there to help and answer questions and to give me the support, reassurance, and peace of mind that I needed.

I hope this testimonial helps someone, who has a jaw, facial or dental malalignment problem, to make the right decision, by calling Dr. Jensen’s office for a free in-depth orthodontic consultation. You will be glad that you did!

Best Regards,

Samantha Smith


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