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The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry: Halifax & Nova Scotia Area

We all know we feel more confident when our smiles are even and white. Crooked teeth and malaligned jaws causing abnormal overbite or open bite not only impact our looks, they have serious effects on our ability to chew and speak properly. Malaligned teeth can cause teeth to discolour and lead to pain and lost confidence if not properly remedied.

At Jensen Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized care to help align teeth and fix unattractive problems that can cause you pain and suffering. When choosing a cosmetic dentist, Halifax area residents regularly visit Dr. Jensen for their oral health needs.

Alternative to Invisalign: Halifax Patients Have Choices

When you visit our friendly Dartmouth office, we offer you a free consultation and help you decide on suitable options for orthodontic devices and treatment modalities. Your smile will be back on track with a variety of alignment products:

  • Essix brand retainers (comparable to Invisalign; will help straighten minor dental crowding, in addition, Essix nets can protect teeth from grinding).
  • Tooth-coloured braces, clear braces, high tech arch wires facilitate painless and faster orthodontic treatment (quicker treatment).
  • Removable appliances are virtually invisible for improved appearance.
  • G-Wire retainers can sometimes be used on the inside of the upper and lower front teeth.
We know you have questions when it comes to cosmetic dentistry! Let us help. We want to keep your teeth looking great even during your orthodontic treatment.

We can help you complete your orthodontic treatment in a timely fashion, so that you can enjoy your new look sooner. Today’s braces are more esthetically pleasing and more convenient than ever before. Most of the appliances allow you to look great while you wear your braces, not just after your treatment has been completed.

For a satisfying experience in cosmetic dentistry, Halifax, Dartmouth, and Bedford patients should visit Jensen Orthodontics. We hope to see you soon. Call today.

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