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Braces in Dartmouth

Kids orthodontist in Dartmouth

Braces in Dartmouth

Braces in Dartmouth

Are you thinking about bringing your child in to see a kid’s orthodontist for an evaluation? Today our orthodontist, Dr. Gene Jensen, offers phased treatment for children’s orthodontics. Phased treatment consists of two different orthodontic treatment phases. The first phase is performed at about the ages of 7 to 10. The second phase usually employs braces in Dartmouth and takes place at around age 11, or later during the teen years.

The benefits of getting phased orthodontic treatment is that children are able to have the growth of their jaw influenced so that certain orthodontic problems do not have a chance to develop. This not only means less involved orthodontic treatment as your child becomes an adolescent or teen, but also that the orthodontic care will generally be far less costly. Sometimes when phased treatment is not used, the resulting orthodontic problem cannot even be entirely corrected. Whether your child needs braces in Dartmouth or Phase I orthodontic work, our orthodontist will be happy to provide the treatment your child needs. The name of our orthodontic practice is Jensen Orthodontics Inc. Our orthodontist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of malformed and misaligned teeth and jaws, and facial deformities caused by abnormally shaped or poorly aligned jaws and teeth.

When your child comes to us for braces in Dartmouth they will be able to take advantage of several different types of braces options. During a thorough orthodontic evaluation our orthodontist will be able to let you know which braces options are available for your child and which types of kid’s braces will specifically work best for him or her. At our orthodontic practice we offer clear plastic, ceramic, or metal braces. Our metal braces are not like the traditional metal braces; the metal brackets are much smaller and kids enjoy the fact that they have colored module options available. Sometimes kids get braces elastics to fit in with the colors of their school sports team or their favorite colors. Aligners can be used for tooth straightening or can even be used as mouth guards to prevent teeth from being hurt by teeth grinding. At our practice we also offer treatment with removable or fixed appliances which can help with spacing issues, dental crowding, and other orthodontic problems. If you would like an appointment to visit with our kid’s orthodontist regarding getting braces in Dartmouth, contact us today.

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