Treatment for TMJ

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a painful condition caused by abnormal alignment and/or abnormal function of the jaws, teeth, jaw muscles and jaw joints. For some people TMJ is a hereditary predisposition, while for others TMJ is caused by emotional upset, stress or physical injury. In either case, TMJ dysfunction can cause headaches, earaches, neck and shoulder pain, vertigo (loss of balance), tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and in some cases, loss of hearing, noisy/clicking jaw joints, sinusitis, dental pain, dental abrasion, osteoarthritic jaw joints and “lockjaw.” Once the discrepancy amongst the teeth, jaw muscles and jaw joints has been corrected, and the teeth are aligned, the patient usually begins to feel relief from pain, dysfunction and headaches.

function of the Temporomandibular joint

Good oral health is more than just the look and colour of your teeth, and Dr. Jensen’s experience and customized care stands out. In our office, one of our main goals that drives the way we treat our patients is to achieve optimum function amongst the teeth, jaws, jaw joints, and surrounding muscles. Not all oral health problems can be solved with brushing, flossing, fillings or extractions. In fact, some people suffer from more serious issues like jaw joint pain; Halifax residents for years have turned to Dr. Jensen to help them with this and other problems.

Fortunately, both Dr. Jensen and his team have extensive training and experience in diagnosing and treating the root causes for jaw joint pain, including dysfunction of joints as well as abnormal bites and crowded teeth. If you are experiencing significant jaw joint pain, be sure to let Dr. Jensen know at your next (or first) visit. Dr. Jensen has seen thousands of patients and toured all of Nova Scotia teaching dentists about some of the more serious jaw joint afflictions like TMJ—Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford dentists have benefited from Dr. Jensen’s extensive training and experience. TMJ is a serious issue, but one that has a permanent solution through techniques used in our office.

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