Types of Braces in Dartmouth

Dr. Jensen is a specialist in orthodontics, a doctor of braces in Halifax, who is qualified to fit and insert braces on patients in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia. Whether you want to give your children a head start in dental care or you’re an adult who never had a chance to experience life with straight teeth, Dr. Jensen and his team are ready to help provide you with quality care and expertise!

There are many different reasons why people choose to have braces, but the two main reasons are aesthetics and better health. For some people, biting places extra pressure on their jaw joints, jaw muscles, nerves, gums or teeth, which can cause pain or make chewing difficult. It can also cause ear aches and frequent headaches. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, or you simply don’t like the appearance of your smile, you should consider braces; Bedford residents have been coming to Dr. Jensen for years in order to help them with these problems. Don’t let poor self-esteem or dental pain get in the way of your happiness—visit us today to get the smile you’ve always deserved!

Here are some of the options for teeth correction:
  • The most recent innovation in the world of orthodontics is self-ligation braces, which speed up treatment while also looking good.
  • Miniaturized Silver (stainless) Braces.
  • Clear Plastic or Ceramic Braces (usually placed on upper front teeth only).
  • Silver or Clear Braces with Coloured Modules (52 colours).
  • Stainless Bands or Rings that fit over the tops of the teeth.
  • Removable Acrylic and Wire Retainer Type Appliances.
  • Fixed Bonded Lingual Retainers, Sometimes Referred to as “G-Wires”.
  • Removable functional acrylic appliances that fit both upper and lower teeth at the same time while simultaneously keeping the lower jaw forward of its abnormal position.
  • Headgear appliance worn mostly at night at home to correct severely protruding upper teeth and jaws by moving the upper jaw and teeth backwards in growing patients.
  • Facemask appliance used in growing patients to move the upper jaw forward.
  • Hyrax or rapid expansion appliance used to expand or widen the upper jaw when correcting crossbites in growing patients.
  • Stationary anchorage appliance that is a temporary palate or jaw implant used to move molars backwards in severe overbite cases usually used when bicuspid teeth are extracted as part of the treatment plan.
Depending on the complexity and severity of your condition, the duration of your orthodontic treatment will vary from 12 to 39 months. Different methods yield different results with varying timelines, but before you begin any treatment, Dr. Jensen and our staff will give you an estimate of what sort of time frame you can expect for fitting you with braces in Halifax area. On average, the average time for complete the active phase of orthodontic treatment is 18 to 24 months.

Having worked with more than 12,000 patients during his career, Dr. Jensen has the expertise and the instinct to know which type of braces will be right type for you. In fact, to help Nova Scotia residents get quality braces in Halifax or elsewhere, Dr. Jensen offers free consultations, including a panoramic x-ray, intra and extra-oral photographs of your teeth and jaws, an orthodontic examination and a tentative diagnosis and treatment plan. Schedule your free consultation today to find out what type of Bedford braces would work best for you!

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